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TMJ & TMD Solutions Greensboro

A Pain in the Jaw

Woman with Jaw Pain in GreensboroYour temporomandibular joint, or jaw joint, connects your jawbone and your skill and allows you to talk and chew. All too commonly, people are experiencing extreme pain from the jaw joint, resulting in muscular discomfort, headaches and migraines.

Dr. Marson is well-versed in treating TMJ problems over his many years in practice. Choice One Dental Care of Lake Oconee offers two solutions to help those experiencing any TMJ disorders. We fabricate orthotics to balance your bite and relieve your discomfort, as well as provide traditional night guards.

Contact Choice One Dental Care of Lake Oconee today to get started on feeling better and improving your oral health. We accept insurance and offer free and convenient parking!

TMJ Treatment | Greensboro GA

Choice One Dental Care of Lake Oconee