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Sleep Apnea Treatment Greensboro

Let Us Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep apnea treatment in {PJ}Do you wake up feeling exhausted from poor, interrupted sleep? Experiencing painful headaches or jaw discomfort in the mornings? Maybe your spouse has told you that your breathing stops during the night, or that your loud snoring is keeping them awake.

All of these can be signs of sleep apnea, a serious disorder where your breathing repeatedly pauses and starts during sleep.

If you think you are suffering from sleep apnea, call (706) 454-0044 to book a consultation with Dr. Russel Marson, DDS. Your consultation is just $79 and includes a CT-scan airway evaluation ( regularly 259.00).

A good night’s sleep may be closer than you think!

Introducing the MicrO2® Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance

Sleep Apnea DeviceThis cutting-edge, FDA approved device works to move the patients lower jaw forward during sleep, increasing the airway behind the tongue for reduced snoring and less obstruction. The device can have a tremendous effect on a patient’s quality of life, improving their sleep and health for the long term.

We are the only dentist in the Greensboro area offering this life changing alternative to CPAP

Affordable, Convenient Sleep Apnea Treatment

We accept all insurance and bill them on your behalf, ensuring that most patients receive this life changing device for little to no out of pocket cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Your initial consultation is just $79 and includes a CT scan airway evaluation (usually $259).

Call (706) 454-0044 or book online now!


Treatment for Sleep Apnea in Greensboro, GA | (706) 454-0044